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A first-person factory building simulation set in an infinite voxel world.

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  • Website:
  • Developer: MEDER Dynamics
  • Press Contact: contact [at] meder-dynamics [dot] com
  • Game State: Early Access
  • Genre: Simulation/Strategy/Management/Factory Building
  • Mode: Singleplayer & Cooperative Multiplayer (LAN/Internet, no player limit but 2-4 recommended)
  • Release Date: September 23rd 2020 (Early Access)
  • Price: USD 17.49 (+VAT if applicable)
  • Availability: Digital Download
  • Shops:, more shops (including Steam) to follow.
  • Platforms: PC, Windows 7/8/10
  • File Size: ~550MB download, ~2GB unzipped on disk, will increase during Early Access
  • Languages: English, currently working on community-driven translations (more updates soon)
  • Perspective: First-Person, 3D World
  • Hardware Requirements: See in FAQ
  • Technical: Unity & Custom C++ Backend
  • Modding: FOUNDRY is designed for modding support and it will be gradually introduced with upcoming updates.
  • Social: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • DevBlog: Weekly Dev-Blog
  • Trailer:
  • Development started: August 2018
  • ESRB/Similar Ratings: Not rated


FOUNDRY is a first-person factory building simulation set in an endless procedurally generated voxel world. While you start small by crafting your first items and machines by hand, you will soon find yourself surrounded by a large sci-fi factory doing the work for you. You need to expand your factory by building more production lines, conveyor belts and pipes while keeping a stable power supply for your growing energy demands. By conducting research, you will unlock more advanced, complex and faster technology to optimize the design and maximize the output of your factory. Solo or cooperatively with friends!


  • First-Person 3D: The player traverses a 3D world in first-person view and has the ability to jump and sprint.
  • Stylized Sci-Fi Theme: The game's overall theme is a stylized and futuristic sci-fi world with various biomes like forests, jungles, deserts and mountains. More biomes will follow during the Early Access period. The game's art is done by our amazing partners at ZugZug Studio.
  • Procedural Voxel World: Every new game generates a completely new world. Terrain, vegetation, biome placement and everything else is procedurally generated. Game worlds are infinite along the cardinal directions, while the up/down axis is limited to 255 meters/voxel blocks. Each voxel block can be mined and placed at a different position, allowing players to modify the world to fit their desires.
  • Base Building: FOUNDRY's core gameplay is building a factory. Players will needs to place and construct foundations, buildings, machines and various other structures like decorative objects or lights to build a factory that produces enough items to progress through the game.
  • Crafting: The game has dozens of items and crafting recipes from ores to intermediate components like machinery parts to advanced objects like curcuit boards or energy cells. Crafting is required to build machines, for research and to unlock new mechanics.
  • Automation & Logistics Management: Automation is key in streamlining complex crafting tasks to satisfy the demand of items. Machines can be connected by conveyor belts which transport items. The later game introduces pipes and chemical processing machines to automate liquid & gas refining. Tuning the amount of machines and their connections as well planning logistical patterns is one of the key challenges of FOUNDRY.
  • Research and Progression: At the very beginning, only a couple of machines and buildings are available. The game gains additional complexity and content by using research to unlock advanced technologies. Conducting research is the main progression path in FOUNDRY.
  • Multiplayer: FOUNDRY can be played in cooperative multiplayer and although there is no player limit, we recommend 2-4 players based on the current content. It is best played by working together on one factory, but it could be played in a way where every player manages their own factory but contributes to global research.
  • Modding: While not yet unlocked, the game has been designed for strong mod support and it will become available gradually during the Early Access period.


MEDER Dynamics is an indie game studio from Austria, Europe founded by Patrik Meder in 2018. Our team currently consists of two full-time developers and various outsourced contractors for art, animation, marketing and more. FOUNDRY is the studio's first game.


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